Discover Freelap® motorbiking timing system.

This fully automated professional timing system is specially designed for Motocross, Supercross and Enduro training. Motivating for riders and leaving no room for hand-time inconsistency, Freelap® system is a powerful tool for improvement. Thanks to Freelap®, keep yourself in the race zone and push your limits.

√ 0,02s accuracy
√  Fast & easy set up
√  Compact & lightweight
√  No limit of race length
√  Resistant to all conditions
√  Several riders simultaneously
√  Standard run or in loop
√  Starting gate compatible
√  Live results on app
√  Full screen display
√  Offline mode
√  Data storage
√  Export & sharing
√  Intermediate times
√  Best / Slowest times
√  Time Gaps
√  Ranking

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