Freelap sprint PACK 212 E-Starter


2 st i lager

Löppaket för individuell och duoträning.

Detta paket innehåller:

• 2 FxChip BLE + FxClip (transponder)

• 1 e-Starter (START-sändare)

• 2 Tx Junior Pro (mångsidig sändare)

• 1 väska liten (tillbehör)

Freelap Pack 212 is the running pack specially made for the athlete who trains alone or in pairs. Reaction time is taken into account thanks to the automatic gun start triggered by the e-Starter.

✓ Up to 2 athletes simultaneously.
✓ Block, 3-point & standing start.
✓ Automatic gun start.
✓ Total LAP time
+ 2 Intermediates LAP times.
✓ Set the distances you need!*

*For an optimale accuracy, place the Tx Junior Pro transmitters  80cm AFTER the desired distance (because your chip will detect the transmitter 80cm before its exact position).