Freelap PACK 414 Group


4 st i lager

Löppaket för gruppträning.

Detta paket inkluderar:

• 4 FxChip BLE + FxClip (transponder)

• 1 PowerUnit & SpaceUnit (START-sändare)

• 4 Tx Junior Pro (mångsidig sändare)

• 1 väska med dragsko (tillbehör)

• 1 väska Medium (tillbehör)

Freelap Pack 414 is the running pack specially made for a group of athletes who train with a coach. The start is triggered when the PowerUnit transmitter detects a noisy sound nearby (such as a clap or a gunshot). Reaction time is taken into account. 

✓ Up to 4 athletes simultaneously.
✓ Block, 3-point & standing start.
✓ Sound start.
✓ Total LAP time
+ 2 Intermediates LAP times.
✓ Set the distances you need!

*For an optimale accuracy, place the Tx Junior Pro transmitters  80cm AFTER the desired distance (because your chip will detect the transmitter 80cm before its exact position).